Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Challenging Life In This New Millennium (karangan merapu aku masa paper R&W..hehe)

       “Today is reality, yesterday is history, and tomorrow is mystery” The challenging is the mysterious matter that must being facing to, between the bad things and the good things that make us be fright, can’t imagine and we want to run far away from facing it. Although we can loose from it once, we will never get loose for the second time anymore. On the other hand, those challenges are the unpredictable matters and it is something that you can't get to sleep properly with it. No one ever knew what we will be facing to in the days after. The changing and rising process on many aspects in this world nowadays rise as fast as lightening, especially in this era step into the millennium, that too fast change, complex, puzzle, sophisticated in many things, become complicated, uncontrolled and we being unable to follow it and let those things go on itself spread to anywhere. This topic always talked or discussed on by many groups of people, this highlight topic get focus from politician, administrators, academician, philosophy group, and the public. Those challenge that as a human, as long as the breath still in the body, we can’t run away from facing those challenges in our life. Among the challenges that appear beside the development are, those exist from the information technology, human thinking and culture, mental and emotion, and moral and social.

      Developments, nowadays as we know were developed like mushrooms that grow up after the rain. Many tall buildings were built in town that racing among them to be the tallest one. It is an evident that the world today were 360˚ changed from the beginning, which it started by forests, mountains and seas totally, but all after century by century, the land surface were change and now, there are no more part of world that look like at that time. If there are still seem like that, maybe just about 10% from it. This is one of the reality which are facing by us today, all of the changes are what were drove us to know that our life became more challenging than the people who live in the day about two or three centuries ago. Our mind sets are very different from the people at that life. Today, we are effected of the development that are forced us to be more active, doing fast, thinking more creative than our great- grandmother and grandfather great- grandfather before. One of the challenges that we faced today is paradigm movement, start with agro culture society into the information society or what we call the epoch of information technology (IT), whom are connect to the sophisticated of communication tools like satellite system, internet, hand phone, WIFI, MMS, ATM, Bluetooth and so on. Those communication aspects were spread faster in many aspects until leaved more negative than positive that we were going through this time. Furthermore, that sophisticates give a big impact to the education system, moral, social contact, and others. The challenge was influence to the education system because the facilities that exist from this information technology were challenge the student by the information that no one knew the truth of the information, teachers that give an impact to the teaching skill and citizen daily life. This sophisticated one were ruined the human contact, as the result, no more social life when all of us were been tie on to these communication electronic. In addition, people will do all work personally, no more cooperate between us until the bad things like depress or melancholy exist into our self. In the other part, that system also give an impact to the moral life, when the borderless system have not been filtered from the bad element like sex homepages, civil, pornography, homosexual and lesbians advertisement. As a result, we always heard about the shocks news like babies without father refer to the Utusan Malaysia that “statistic from 2000- July 2008, took from the department of National Registration 250,000 babies was born without a father in 8 years (2000- July 2008) Then, simple mathematic will give us an average of 30,000/year babies were born without father”, also babies left by their mother anywhere, dead babies body that just born left in plastic bag or in toilet, murder cases and others. Beside that the spread of beliefs will make the faith being ruin, many article that wrote by the Christians spread in internet to ruin the Islam if the readers are not strong their faith, it’s also exists from the information technology development.

The second challenge is from human thinking and culture’s aspect, the fast development was made our thinking and viewing too different. It is course of the thinking and viewing some individual and big countries that were more advances being the imperialized to the others countries become dominant in this millennium era. For instance, global thinking, universe’s defend, and the issues that related to the human right which more subjectively until appeared conflict and people getting to loggerheads between them and bring us to the many traumatic cases like world war that happen onto the countries that rich with their mineral sources like two big countries, Iraq and Palestine which have been attack by that countries command by the tyrant hands like Israel.  The killed millions bodies scattered to anywhere from the army bodies until to the babies and children who are not guilty in that problem, after the war without compassion toward the people who have been victims from that awfulness. Nevertheless, the effect of the acceptance’s problems in this compulsively way keep on happens in parallel, come from the threat of political, an economic and militarily, will leave the big affection in the future. On the other hand, the different thinking had change many life’s aspect that we can’t run away from receiving the challenge that challenging our thinking which is appear from it. Refer to the big one life’s problem, sometime our mind can’t receiving all those challenge that burden our mind to thinks about that, until many people were depressed and were bring to the flooding of psychiatry patients in psychiatric hospitals. Meanwhile, the influences of culture are more imperialized followed by the freedom and media’s spread out and sophisticated information technology were change the original culture that had been our proud of society’s custom. The next challenge we must facing to are exist from the mental and emotion’s side, this challenge also subjectively. Although, it seem like that, in any civilization and human life, some individually will feel decrease among their life, not able to or be left far away from the others individual or society and those individual will get the greats mental depression and disturbance of emotion. Furthermore, the depression will be more considerable when the country being developed in all life aspects. It was shown by the criminal cases and social status, for example, burglar cases, blackmail, murder cases, suicide, mentality disease, wrong using of drug and alcohol. To go survive in this millennium, become our obligation that we can’t run away from being strong in our physical and mentality. If we aren’t we will be lose by that problem earlier than the appropriate date than If we were wear our self-protection or spiritual to survive, which all ready exist in our soul. Besides that, we must prepare ourselves with faith and belief deeply to avoid all of the mental and emotion problem or challenges that appear parallel with the development in this millennium days to safe our future generation from the useless things.

The last challenges in our life nowadays in this millennium, but it’s not the least one is the challenge of the moral and social’s side. From the viewing of human civilization’s history, moral ability defends and human social will become more faded and ruins by the life’s development that’s going progressively. The complacency or comfortable culture, individualistic, and materialistic influenced the human’s life and the dependent’s phase to the comprehension of moral and religions getting more faded and liberal. It was shown by the human lifestyle nowadays that getting more vocaholics which are the persons who too struggle on their work competing on to be the richer one between the richer, to be the well-know, and the popular person in the first life rank in this new centuries. Furthermore, by the development of city or civilization, human’s perception were change almost perfectly to the new lifestyle or in the other hand what we called the lifestyle that follow the changes day by day or the word that’s too familiar ‘up to date’. The changes are looking from the wearing style, interacting style, and faiths to the religion. These changes are the factors that bring to the appeared of bad socials style or symptoms that were drove especially the teenagers to the untrue path. Recently, we were shocked by the worst news that were wrote on the chest of newspaper and magazine that our teenager nowadays were habituate with no more feel shy and no more guilty to do the bad matter for instance, through their babies that’s was born without one valid tie, sit a couple in the silently place, racing and more over, their moral were become invaluable among them. The mingled of many human’s type also source of the problem of socials among human lifestyle. For example, when the culture of Muslim and non-Muslims mixed between them, many problem will be exists like the freely communication around non-Muslim were make the Muslim that was banned from that were non-Muslim done like openly communication between girl and boy, open sex, murder, drunk, and gambling and so on which Islam was pointed and wrote in Al-Quran, there are some limits was set up by the ordinance of Islam that basically had its own wisdom to why it’s have been done. When our life was not driven by the faith to the religion as the hold on to, and the development were affected our life by spread out the information openly through the entertainment, communication, and the spreading of ideas, culture and others, it will ruin our moral without inform to us or we were not conscious to it. But we cannot run away from facing this situations, although in the necessity side without our voluntarily. By the way, this challenge  were not leave an effects to the persons who was absorbed his life from childhood by the education of religion and hold on with what were obligated and forbidden by religion. Religion is our way to be safe from these social problems.

We can conclude that, the sophisticated of development in technology information (IT) field is brought out from the changing of the century to the figuration of the global society where make us feel anxiously by the phenomena that exist from this development. We know very well that the development needed to prove that our mind and thinking were increase appeal to the run of time, we can’t avoid from facing it although we won’t.  For these challenges there are their own ways to solve it, and if we’re uniting between us we can solve these problems that make us dizzy.  For example, the parents must be alert towards their child and always keep eye on them in everything they are doing. It is because the first education started from the training of their parents, so parents should prepare themselves. This is because, the ‘child will follow on to what they were see’ and as who  the nearest to them, can’t run from being the best role models that make the child grow up as a ‘shiny pearl’ in their future. Furthermore, the days after will be more challenges from the nowadays, no one know what will be happen on the future. So, we can only prepare early ourselves and our become generation with strong defend inside and outside, physical and mental, and the important things is our faith to Islam, never get loose out from what have been order and forbidden by Islam, we will be safe from the wrong-doing that will make us being wrongness.


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